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All One Needs To Know About The Degenerative Disc Disease: Causes, Symptoms Et Al

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In a normal, young human body, spinal disc has the function of acting as cushions, while the spine bends and twists. It does so without affecting the functions of nearby delicate structures, which are a part of the nervous system.  However, as the person ages, these discs may get worn out. As a result, loss of cushioning fluid and loss of spinal flexibility occurs.

Through research studies indicate that almost everyone who has crossed the mark of 60 years or age has disc degeneration. Yet, only a handful of them experience pain. In some cases, pain arises when the discs collapse completely, causing friction between facet joints.

The body tries to preserve the spine’s stability by creating new bony bridges and thickening the ligaments that surround it. This leads to conditions like herniated discs, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis etc. Factors like smoking, heavy physical labor, obesity etc tend to accelerate the process and aggravate the condition.

If one is suffering from symptoms which will be described later in this article, it is recommended that they should start looking for good spine surgeons. If you need to get in touch with spine surgeons Santa Monica, then you can easily get in touch with them by visiting their websites.

If one is suffering from symptoms which will be described later in this article, it is recommended that they should start looking for good spine surgeons. If you need to contact any of the dependable spine surgeons Santa Monica, then you can easily get in touch with them by visiting their websites.


Age is the biggest factor which plays a role in the disease prognosis. The disc tends to dry up leading to poor shock absorption. Rigorous activities like sports may cause wear and tear in the outermost portion of the disc. Since it isn’t well supplied with blood vessels unlike all other organs, it is unable to repair itself. Thus, even a small injury may cause severe symptoms like swelling.


Before choosing the best clinic offering spine doctor Santa Monica services, make sure you check online about their credibility and track record. However, it is important for you to find one. If one or more of the following symptoms occur, then there is a problem, for which you will need to take medical assistance

If a person has pain (ranging from nagging to severe or maybe disabling) in the lower back, thighs, neck (radiating towards arms)  or buttock which worsens when a person a sitting, twisting or bending and gets better while walking or moving then there are chances that he/ she is suffering from a degenerative disc.

The pain may even lead to tingling sensation or ‘numbness’ in the extremities or weakened leg muscles (indicating neural damage).

Diagnosis, Treatment and Self Care:

Exercise and physiotherapy can increase the flow of blood to the back, nourishing the muscles and joints. Other than this surgery, spinal mobilization, heat & cold therapy and medications like anti inflammatory drugs and pain relievers. Diagnosis can be done with close monitoring of the symptoms followed by an MRI.

The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles has several doctors to help you with treatment through medication, surgery etc. Nonetheless, self care is the best way to have maximum benefits of the treatment. Making healthier lifestyle choices like having nutritious diet, regular exercise and quit smoking. This can strengthen your musculoskeletal system to a great extent.



Get proper treatment from the professionals

Categories :Back Pain 


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