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What is Bemer Therapy

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What is Bemer Therapy?  All functions of the body are controlled by electromagnetic signals, much of which is generated by moving across the surface of the earth i.e. exercise. Motion promotes muscle growth, strengthens organs and the immune system: without motion the tissues suffer from insufficient levels of electromagnetic energy.  Humans can survive without gravity but not without magnetism.

When you ask the question “What is Bemer Therapy?” You must also think of how exercise also stimulates our circulation and thereby the oxygenation of our tissues.  Bemer therapy reduces the risk of insufficient oxygen in the cells that is thought to be the root cause of most illnesses and systemic dysfunction.

Bemer therapy usage not only increases the electro-magnetic energy of all the cells, it also improves the circulation and oxygenation of the tissues.  Bemer therapy encourages each cell in the body to function optimally and to correct metabolic and energetic abnormalities, which result in freedom from disease.  Thus the physiological effects of what Bemer therapy does are similar to the benefits of exercise.

The question “What is Bemer Therapy?” also cannot be answered without discussing blood flow, and vascular motion.

Blood flow by definition is the continuous circulation of blood throughout the entirety of the cardiovascular system.  This process facilitates the transportation of critical nutrients, hormones, the removal of metabolic waste.  Blood flow also does things like distribute oxygen and carbon dioxide to the bodies many systems, which is necessary for cell metabolism, the regulation of PH, and body temperature.  Blood flow also protects us from microbial disease, and dysfunction.

With Bemer therapy, and the consequential improvement in microcirculation, we almost immediately experience improved blood flow and improved quality of life.

Bemer therapy is achieved through the use of a very specific signal that is carried through the various applicators that come with your Bemer device.  The results are noticeable and long-lasting.  Improved health can be realized by starting with just two 8-minute sessions daily.